ONLY 1 WINE OUT OF 10 PASSES THE tough selection process of OUR wine expertS.


BERNARD NEVEU - head sommelier of THE bristol PALACE IN PARIS

Head Sommelier of the Restaurant Epicure (3 Michelin stars) within the Parisian palace of the Bristol, Bernard Neveu occupies one of the most prestigious positions of all French sommeliers. At only 37, he already has a 14-year career under his belt. He worked at amazing Wineries along the Côte d’Azur, like Château Saint-Martin, but throughout it all he has never lost sight of his primary goal: to be in direct contact with the Winemakers. In 2015, he rejoined the Bristol in Paris and he currently looks after their immense cellar filled with 100,000 bottles of wine. He has a team of 11 sommeliers to help with this enormous responsibility.

Bernard Neveu is in charge of our selection of still wines (not our bubbles)!


FABIEN VULLION - head sommelier of "Restaurant Antoine" 

Head Sommelier of the Restaurant Antoine (1 Michelin Star), Fabien Vullion is considered to be one the most promising sommeliers of his generation. Raised by a service industry family and trained by the Albert de Mun School of Hospitality in Paris, he then honed his wine knowledge at the champagne bar of Dokhan’s (250 references) before participating in the opening of the Ritz Hotel in 2016. He began at Restaurant Antoine last year, where he immediately recreated the wine menu. His legacy is to place a note on the magnums that says: keep this in your cellar and work the new vintages.

Expert on the champagne wine region since his work at Dokhan’s, Fabien is in charge of our portfolio of champagnes.